a new scene means a new me

Since high school, I’ve really recreated myself.  I guess, in a sense, that’s what college is for.  It’s not necessarily about answering the “Who am I?” question that hovers over everyone’s head, but it is more for getting a general idea of where to look for answers.  The answers could lurk in hobbies, the choices you make at pivotal decisions in your life, or the people that you allow to surround you.

I left high school feeling awkward.  I had braces, curly/frizzy hair I couldn’t control, acne, was quiet, and had [what I thought was] a funny-sounding voice.  My college graduation will find me confident in my appearance (even my curly hair), outgoing, approachable, and friendly.  Four years doesn’t seem like a long time, but a lot of personal growth certainly goes on. 

Today I am sitting in Saint Paul, Minnesota, 600 miles away from home.  I moved here one week ago with my boyfriend of 1+ years, Dan, and I’m planning on recreating myself yet again.  I plan on becoming more charismatic and, most importantly, more confident in my ideas and my intelligence.  As an engineering graduate, I am a woman in a man’s field.  It’s time that I step up and show them that I have something to offer.

At twenty-two, confidence and life experience are still missing.  Join me as I find them.



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