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I woke up yesterday morning to a phone call from Delta.  I got a job!  I GOT A JOB!

It’s not quite my dream job.  My dream job escaped me about a month ago when I applied for the wrong “energy engineer” position (there were two that looked at first glance to be identical – it still kills me to think about).  However, the pay is still pretty good and the flight benefits are certainly something that I look forward to.  A few hours ago I sent my “Yes, I accept this offer” e-mail, and I will be starting on November 2nd.

So what did I do today?  SHOPPED of course!

I had to get it out of my system.  I have been so frugal and so particular this last year, I almost feel like I owe it to myself.  My jeans have holes in them, I haven’t updated my wardrobe in years, several pairs of my shoes have been eaten by my dog and have not been replaced.  And while I appreciate all of the donations that my family and Dan’s family have provided concerning the furnishings for our apartment, I have hardly contributed anything new.  No, I take it back.  I bought Dan a papasan chair for our 1 year anniversary.  Neat, huh?

And so today we went to Ikea and I bought a new bed.  The old bed we used was the one I grew up in. It had drawings all over the headboard, and it squeaked terribly.  I love the new bed and I can’t wait to sleep in it!

Ikea HOPEN bed frame

Ikea HOPEN bed frame

I also bought a duvet cover.  I hadn’t planned on buying sheets, but I have been looking for a duvet cover for years.  I never bought one because they are so expensive, but Ikea has them for under $50.  I couldn’t stay away.  Mine was $30.

I will buy a few more things, but for the most part my home furnishing shopping is finished.  I can’t say the same about my clothes shopping, though.  I do need some new jeans and at least one good winter coat and pair snow boots. Especially since I live in Minnesota and all.

After I am done with my shopping spree, it will be back to being responsible.  I have a lot of loans to pay back, and that will always be in the back of my mind.  But, for now, I’m going to celebrate and get myself a few nice things.

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