our beautiful weekend

Since I have gotten here to Minnesota, everyone keeps saying that the weather has been “unusual”.  They tell me that snow and temperatures below 40 are strange and don’t typically happen around this time of year.  This weekend I was lucky enough to see the type of weather that is expected around this time of year. Sunny, a little breezy, and 50. Beautiful.Saturday, since it was still a little cold, I headed out to the Saint Paul skyway to get a better look at what stores were around.  The skyway has all kinds of shopping along it, and I found a neat shop that I want to visit called the Fun Sisters Boutique.  Unfortunately it’s only open the third week of every month (WTF?) so I don’t think I will get the opportunity to shop there since I will be working by the time it is open again.  Additionally, since things along the skyway are only open  during the working week between 9 and 5pm instead of late at night or on the weekends like normal stores, I won’t get the opportunity to shop there for a long, long time.  Very disappointing.  I did find a Macy’s though and bought a cute new sweater dress, some ankle booties, and flat leather boots.  Tres chic.

Saturday night, Dan and I went to 101 Dalmations the musical.  I will admit that I was a little skeptical at first.  I have been craving to go to a musical, but 101 Dalmations, to me, didn’t sound like my cup of tea.  But, because the tickets were free (courtesy of Dan’s aunt and uncle that couldn’t make the show), we went.  After a 45 minutes of driving around, getting lost, trouble finding parking, and getting booted out of a parking garage because we didn’t have cash, we made it and were only 5 minutes late.  We didn’t miss a thing.

The show was great.  The singing was fabulous.  The sets were impressive.  Overall, it was just a really fun experience.  There were real dogs in the show too, but they didn’t make as big of a presence as I had hoped that they would (they were probably only on set about 10 whole minutes).  I even ordered a rum and coke during the intermission.  The bartender filled the glass full of rum and added only enough coke to give it a light brown color, and Dan and I couldn’t help but giggle about it.  Dan actually bought an extra coke because he didn’t think I would be able to handle it.  He was right.  Thank God for having a boyfriend that knows me.  And, because I’m a lightweight, I was a little bit drunk by the time that the show was over.  It wasn’t a bad thing though — the jokes only got funnier.

Today, Sunday, Dan and I went to an apple orchard that is only about 20 minutes from here called the Pine Tree Apple Orchard.  I guess I didn’t realize that orchards were more for parents and their small children, because Dan and I were surrounded by 3 – 12 year olds running around and their respective parents running after them.  I wanted to pick some apples, but apparently that wasn’t allowed.  And, although we wanted very badly to buy pumpkins and carve them, we realized we had no place to put them when we were carved since the view out of our windows was only a brick wall.  Dan did find his dream pumpkin though, and because he was so excited about it I told him that we could get it anyway.  We didn’t want to lug it around, so we tried to hide it in the brush so nobody else would take it: 

Pumpkin Hiding
Pumpkin Hiding

 We walked the corn maze, looked at more pumpkins and apple trees, and went shopping and bought apple cider, apple pie, cinammon ice cream, pure maple syrup, and apples, stopped at an antique store, and then headed home.  Unfortunately we left that perfect pumpkin in our hiding spot.  Poor little pumpkin.  I hope somebody finds it and gives it a home.

Beautiful days really encourage me to get out and do fun things.  I hope to have more days like this so I can stop sitting around the apartment wasting space.  It’s not as fun as it sounds.

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