what… why… this place doesn’t make any sense

I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone or something.  Everything here in Minnesota looks like it did in Michigan, but… it doesn’t make any sense.

  • Last night Dan and I looked for a place to eat at about 11pm.  We decided to check out Applebees, and there were people literally lined up outside the door.  Since when is Applebees the best place in town?
  • We looked for a Chinese Buffet tonight.  We stopped by a place that looked like it would be okay to eat, and the line was about 30 people long.  The line was routed through the restaurant as thought that kind of traffic is a regular occurance.
  • We found a china buffet eventually, but it was extremely expensive (as we found out upon receiving the bill).  $30 for two people?  WHAT?!
  • The chinese places here don’t seem to have crab cheese or crab rangoon.  There is no crab to it.  It is filled with cream cheese and cream cheese alone.
  • Leeann Chin is a fast food place here that seems to be everywhere.  The food is very very subpar.  I would prefer Panda Express to Leeann Chin. 
  • The China Buffet we went to was stocked with crab legs.  Nobody was eating them.  Their bin stayed full.  I ate a few and found that they were actually pretty good, but I felt weird for getting them.  What kind of place makes a person feel weird about eating the crab legs?

I was liking Minnesota, but now I’m not too sure.  And speaking of china buffet…

Dan and I have been joking about how much money he will be making in a few years.  I have been saying that, as soon as that day comes, I will quit my job and he will just give me a weekly allowance that I can go shopping with.  He always gets bitter and always tries to play it off like I am joking, but he’s never 100% sure if that’s the case.  I will never tell the truth.

At the china buffet today, Dan got two fortunes in his fortune cookie.  They read as follows:

“You will be a great success – both in business and socially”

“You will advance socially, without any special effort”


“Your financial outlook is great at this time”

 Looks like the fortune cookie writers are on my side!  I can’t wait for financial security in the form of Dan’s weekly $1000 contribution to my shopping funds.

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