“my face hurts” “yeah? well it’s killing me!”

I bought Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash a few days ago and I was really excited to use it because I have been breaking out a bit lately.  I used it the first time Thursday night and reverted back to my old facewash on Friday morning.  By Friday night, my upper lip was dry and red – like when a little kid licks their upper lip too often and dries it out.  I didn’t think anything of it and used the facewash again before bed.  Then, Saturday morning, I woke up to a dry, burning face with red splotches all over it.  OUCH!

Sunday was the same story as far as the burning face and red splotches goes, and I decided to get smart about this thing and get some benadryl and Eucerin lotion to soothe the pain and dryness.  I probably could have taken a picture of myself in this sad state, but I didn’t want to remember this day ever again, and I certainly didn’t want anyone else to, either.

Today my face has just been very dry and the only remaining burning sensation is around my lips.  I went makeup free because I didn’t want to agitate my face any more than it already is, so I spent a lot of the day straight faced (smiling hurts) and avoiding eye contact.  I kept thinking to myself that I shouldn’t avoid eye contact because at least if the people I am talking to looks at my eyes they can’t look at my splotchy face, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  When I’m lacking confidence, eye contact is the first thing to go.  Second is the smile.  Third… hmm…. my voice might get a little higher.

Our pictures will be taken on Wednesday for our badges.  Lets hope that this redness is gone by then 😦

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One Comment on ““my face hurts” “yeah? well it’s killing me!””

  1. shawncita Says:

    yikes! fingers crossed, and pitch the wash! or use it to disinfect your kitchen tiles or something!

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