diary of a wimpy kid

Dan and I went to Border’s today, and as we walked in, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” was greeting us on a big stand at the entrance.  Somewhere on the interwebs I had come upon a review of the books and it had a lot of good things to say (for both kids and adults), so I decided to sit in the cafe and give it a quick read.  I wasn’t really at Border’s to buy anything inparticular anyway.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

I felt kind of silly reading it.  I’m 22 years old and this book is probably meant for kids 12 and under (which was validated by the 8 year old girl sitting a few seats away from me reading the same book I was).   I asked Dan to read it with me, but he said something about “man hood” or “pride” or something, so I just read it on my own. 

The book is the JOURNAL of Gregory, a new middle school student.  The best part of it is that it did a great job at making me feel like I was in middle school again because everything he did reeks insecurity.  At one point he breaks his friend’s arm and, when his friend comes in to school with a cast, all of the girls are concerned and are even feeding him at the lunch table.  Greg is jealous and wraps his arm in bandages and tries to get their attention by talking about how he got a nasty infection, but all of the girls think it’s gross and the only attention he gets is from weird kids that want to see the infection.

One of my favorite jokes:

Obviously I didn’t want to drop $15 on a book I was never going to look at again, so I just read the whole thing in 20 minutes.  There were 3 other volumes of this on the stand, but I decided that while it was good for the 20 minutes I read it, I wasn’t going to devote another hour to it. 

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand has been sitting on my shelf for years and I have been meaning to get around to reading it.  I think that, before I read any more “Wimpy Kid” books, I will finish Atlas Shrugged.  If nothing else, it will make me feel like the adult that I really am instead of someone of the appropriate age to be reading childrens books.

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3 Comments on “diary of a wimpy kid”

  1. shawncita Says:

    I’ll be interested to hear your opinions about Atlas Shrugged once you finish – I have read it four times since my college days and each time I gain a different understanding of the book. I can’t say I agree with all the ideas she puts forth, or that I agree 100% with her world view, but I can say that this book has been a significant source of debate and fascinating conversation over the years…

    • heatro Says:

      I will be sure to let you know! I admit I haven’t started it yet. I read The Fountainhead and loved it, but I read it in high school and I think that a lot of the ideas she presented escaped me at the time. I plan on rereading that one in the future.

  2. Spanks Says:

    I plan on doing a lot of reading this summer out in Colorado. My goals are the entire “orcs” trilogy from Stan Nichols…What Einstein Told his Barber….The science of house,MD…and whatever else I find between now and then

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