thanksgiving – the food

Dan and I were extremely proud of the food that we managed to make!  For a very first Thanksgiving, it wasn’t too bad (if I may say so myself).  Here are pictures of our dinner for two:


The whole shebang: 


Green Bean Casserole (Dan wanted his with cheese):


Cornish Hen stuffed with stuffing:


All of the sides (stuffing, mashed potatoes, and corn):



My plate of food!  I definitely didn’t finish it, but we each got our own cornish hen anyway:


The pumpkin pie I made!!


We had tons of leftovers and will certainly be eating some tonight.  Overall, we’re very proud of ourselves for not setting the whole place on fire or filling it with smoke.  And we’re also glad that nothing got screwed up and everything was edible – we weren’t sure if we were going to end up looking for a Denny’s!

I’d also like to bring up that, with the pumpkin  I made pumpkin puree with last month, I was able to make 6 loaves of pumpkin bread and 1 pumpkin pie.  Not bad for a small pumpkin!

Maybe in the future I’ll throw up the recipe to some of these things (like the pumpkin pie that was made with real maple syrup), but today is not that day.  I’m too tired from my black friday shopping.  I will probably write a little about that tomorrow – lets just say that I’m not quite done yet since a lot of the sales are carrying over into tomorrow. 🙂

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3 Comments on “thanksgiving – the food”

  1. mzmommy Says:

    wow that just made me really hungry (:

  2. mzmommy Says:

    heh. well now ya got me looking at it again! jezzz but I guess I’m just always hungry!

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