pay me now

The title says it all.

I still have not received a single check.  I started November 2nd. 

Before I even expected to receive my first paycheck, I had received a few things in the mail from my contracting company, and both of them had incorrect addresses.  For the first one, I got a call from UPS because they were confused about my address, and so I had to pick it up on my own.  I corrected my address.

The second one was sent to my address in Michigan, but instead of “Michigan” is said “Minnesota”.  Fortunately zip codes were invented and it found its way to me via my forwarding address, but I e-mailed the company and told them that the mailing address on the last two pieces of mail they sent me were incorrect and, once again, corrected them.

Fast forward to today.  I’ve been calling and e-mailing back and forth with one specific woman trying to find these checks.  She says they mailed them, but I say (and know) that I did not receive them.  I had been holding out on having them issue a stop payment on them because I figured that I would receive them the day after I asked for it, but yesterday I sent an email (so I could have a paper trail in case I need it) telling them to stop payment and send me the money through direct deposit.  I sent in my paper work two weeks ago for direct deposit, and therefore it should be completed by now.

Well, today I got a response back from said company saying that, although they logged my change of address, it somehow did not reach payroll.  A few questions pop up in my mind:

1)  What kind of system allows an individual to have more than 1 address floating around?

2) When I move, how many times am I going to have to ask them to update my address and am I going to have to baby them through this?

3) When somebody is complaining about not receiving a check, why is this not the first place that you check?

4) Isn’t this your job?

5) When someone is complaining about not receiving checks, once again, why is payroll not the first place you check?

6) It has been three weeks – WTF??

I did not receive a response concerning whether or not my direct deposit is set up.  If it is, I will be demanding that the money be sent to my account by Friday.  If it isn’t because the paperwork was lost or something (wouldn’t surprise me) I will be asking they overnight the check to me, once again, by Friday.  Now my biggest fear is .. what do I do if they don’t deliver?  Where do I go then?  Is there some kind of legal action I can take?  And if there is… where does that get me?

I should be getting paid the “big bucks”, but instead I had to ask Dan to cover all of the rent this month because I have not been paid.  Fortunately he is not mad and seems to understand that I was certainly not expecting this. 

I’m just so frustrated and needed to vent a little bit.  Ugh.

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One Comment on “pay me now”

  1. shawncita Says:

    Geez, nothing like basking in the glow of a job well done without the accompanying paycheck to hammer the point home! I am so sorry you have had this kind of trouble, and I hope those folks figure it out soon – maybe they will pay you interest, too! Well, probably won’t…grumble grumble.

    Like the new layout!

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