Last weekend was my graduation from Kettering University, and while I have been happy to get away from homework, textbooks, and droning professors, I strongly miss the people that I got to know there.  Unfortunately a lot of my closest friends weren’t there because, as luck would have it, they have already graduated or are graduating after me.  No big deal, though.  Being the sentimental person that I am, I still found things to cry about.

OK, so I didn’t really cry, but I did get very nostalgic as I sat and listened to the graduation speeches.  I think that, because my graduation had so many people that I didn’t know, I didn’t really feel the strong connection that I felt at my high school graduation.  What I found myself to miss the most was the feeling of comfort that I had there.  Here in Minnesota I am on edge a lot of the time because I still am not sure how a lot of things work here, and I still am learning about the people in the area.  In four years I am sure that I will feel just as comfortable in Minnesota as I did in Flint, but that day is still 3.5 years away.  I knew the buildings, I knew my professors, and I knew the other students.  And I had a lot of the best times of my life [so far] there.

I think that if I had gone to a college near my hometown, I wouldn’t have been as prepared as I was for my move to Minnesota.  The fact that I put myself two hours away from home really helped me in acquiring some sort of independence.  I realize that this is a huge generalization, but a lot of people that stick around a small town tend to stay there.  As far as I’m concerned, Kettering was my first big leap into the big city.  I’m glad I took it.

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2 Comments on “graduation”

  1. Spanks Says:

    a lot of friends may not have showed up, but the two that matter most did 😀

    It was a good time seeing you and dan. I’ll be sure to get your butt back here when I’m done at eastern 🙂

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