minnesota winter

I went shopping with Paul today, and we stopped at REI.  For those of you unfamiliar, it is a store that sells gear for camping, skiing, rockclimbing, and other outdoors activities.  It was my first time there, and as someone who wants to get more into outdoors activities and try things like snowboarding or hiking, I was fascinated by the amount of gear they deem necessary to do anything outdoors.  There were even boots for dogs that were especially for hiking on rocky terrain.  I thought about getting them for my dog since she has sentitive feet in the snow, but at $40 I thought that she could stick with the low quality ones for now.

I’ve been wanting to try out snowboarding, skiing, cross country skiing, or snowshoeing, and that visit was really motivating for me.  It’s one thing to think about doing these activities and talk about it once in awhile, but it’s another to see the skis and snowboards on either side of me.  Because I wasn’t really sure what I wanted for Christmas, I decided that I want Dan to buy himself some snow gear so that he can come with me.  I have no doubt that snowboarding alone could still be fun, but since I’ll still be learning, I will want someone to whine to.

I’m excited for the winter in Minnesota because everybody here seems to embrace it.  There are festivals and parades, and REI was packed with people buying their winter gear.  I don’t really have to worry about doing too much research concerning what goes on around here because people at work seem more than happy to talk about it.  It’s great that they embrace the cold here instead of run from it (which is what I am constantly inclined to do).  I do need to get my wardrobe caught up, though.  I bought a downed coat, mittens, scarves, and hats, but I still have to get some snow boots.  I’m eyeing some Uggs.

 I think the worst thing about living here in the winter is that this weekend it was 20 degrees, and I thought it was nice.  It was below or around zero (not including wind chill) every day last week.  With all of those flight benefits, I’m going to have to take a vacation to Hawaii for a week to warm up.

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3 Comments on “minnesota winter”

  1. bimsker lynn Says:

    If you want to actually buy anything from REI, I am a member! I think you can use my member number for discounts.

  2. Don Keylips Says:

    No Ugg boots, I’ll disown you. The Ugg is short for “Really fucking UGGggggllllyyyyy”

    • heatro Says:

      I don’t appreciate the negativity you are bringing to my blog, Don Keylips.

      And I like Ugg boots! I’m going to get three pairs in all different colors. And I’m going to wear them every day. And you’re never going to know because of the hundreds of miles that are between us.

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