i love the snow!

I’m lucky enough to be in Minnesota right now while this “midwest winter storm” is rolling through.  Snow is everywhere!  We had about 4 inches last night, we are expecting about 6 tonight, and then another 4 tomorrow during the day.

I live in Lowertown Saint Paul near Mears Park.  I took my dog outside about an hour ago and got some pictures on my phone.

I love snow!

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3 Comments on “i love the snow!”

  1. Omar Says:

    We got some snow down in Dallas. It was light, and nothing compared to these pictures, but it’s quite nice to see. It snowed lightly twice last month, which is weird since we usually get one light snow day a year occasionally. I love white winters too!

    • heatro Says:

      I was down in Texas for an interview a few years ago and they told me that Texas pretty much shuts down as soon as a single flake of snow falls from the sky. I thought it was pretty funny since I grew up in Michigan.

      I’ve considered moving south where it is warmer, but I don’t know if I could give up the white winters up here. I love them too much!

  2. Omar Says:

    Yes! I have no idea why, but whenever it snows everything pretty much closes. I guess since it’s so rare and Texans have no idea how to drive in snow or ice.

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