I am currently working on compiling my list of New Years Resolutions, and I thought I would take this opporunity to share one of my favorite songs with everyone. 

Charlie Chaplin composed the music to the song “Smile” for Modern Times which was released in 1936.   The music was used in the final scene of Modern Times as Charlie and his costar are headed toward a new life, and Charlie points to the corners of his mouth to show that she should smile.   The lyrics were added in 1954 and were originally recorded by Nat King Cole, although many different artists have recorded it over the years (including Michael Jackson, Barbara Streisand, Judy Garland, and many others). 

I love the song because, to be frank, it’s not overly complicated.  It’s a simple melody and the message is very clear.  Just smile.


Smile Lyrics
Theme Music for Modern Times
(Music by Charles “Charlie” Chaplin — Lyrics by John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons)

Smile though your heart is aching,
Smile even though it’s breaking,
When there are clouds in the sky
You’ll get by.

 If you smile
through your fear and sorrow,
Smile and maybe tomorrow,
You’ll see the sun come shining through for you.

Light up your face with gladness,
Hide every trace of sadness,
Although a tear may be ever so near,

That’s the time,
You must keep on trying,
Smile, what’s the use of crying,
You’ll find that life is still worth-while,

 If you just smile…


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