NaBloPoMO will be harder than i thought

I will be honest — this is the first day of my NaBloPoMO attempt… and I’m failing at figuring out what to write about.  Is that sad?  Perhaps I am just putting too much pressure on myself to think of something. 

WordPress allows me to see the number of people that visit per day, the number of views each post gets, any incoming links that people use to get here, and any links that people click on within my blog.  In addition to those things, I can also see the search engine terms that people use in order to come across my blog in the first place.  

One thing I thought would be interesting to share with you are some of  the search engine terms people use to find my blog.  I’m not sure where the connection lies in some of these.

pirates of ashlen  
smile by charlie chaplin  
paul boos  
my face hurts it’s killing me  
life at twenty two wordpress blog  
“life at twenty two” blog  
“at twenty two”  
soul food pumpkin bread  
diary of a wimpy kid  
jokes in diary of a wimpy kid dog days  
15 oz pumpkin puree bread  
greatest pumpkin bread with applesauce  
pics of gregs house in diary of a wimpy  
all nasty jokes  
breakfast at tiffany’s costume  
ewan mcgregor  
greg diary of a wimpy kid #4  
freezing bread pumpkin  
glaze to put on top of pumpkin bread  
greg’s face smill from diary of a wimpy  
my face gets red and hurts  
“disc replay”  
my face is breaking out and my back is k  
diary of a wimpy greg on couch  
dry face hurts  
“why do i like glee”  
“pirates of ashlen”  
new year’s eve in minneapolis  
new years eve minneapolis mn  
my face is so dry it hurts  
recipe for deviled eggs made with vinega  
lower half of face splotchy  
my face is so dry it hurts to smile.  
wordpress lifeattwentytwo  
downeast maine pumpkin bread, glaze


All nasty jokes?  I am not sure where my blog shows nasty jokes.  I am also not sure why anyone would question why they like Glee… it is an amazing show, afterall.

I do notice a lot of dry face references and because I suffer from sensitive skin, I will probably write a post concerning how to deal with dry skin.  I am battling it on a daily basis (especially in the winter time).  I also can’t help but notice that “Pirates of Ashlen” is a search engine term — and my guess is that it’s probably the author, Nick.  Hi Nick 🙂

I apologize that I didn’t have anything interesting or thought provoking to say, but lets be honest — I probably don’t post many entries with those qualities.  I do feel that after writing every day for a month I will have to push myself outside of my comfort zone consisting of “this is what I did today” and into more unknown territory.  That’s what I am looking for.

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2 Comments on “NaBloPoMO will be harder than i thought”

  1. mzmommy Says:

    heh, this is kind of funny actually! I don’t get many hits on my blog at all :/ I was thinking since I put the postcrossing post up and you said you’d like to join I was wondering if you would by chance want to exchange a post card? Not through postcrossing obviously since I doubt by chance out of the millions of people on there one of us would get the others name. I understand it you don’t! I’m soo bored all day since I just had surgery and all I just lay on the couch all day. literally. it sucks. My son officially hates me for not playing with him any more! :/ I was just thinking about it and I figured I might start you off with your first post card since I seriously.. seriously have nothing to do. haha, let me know.. either way I don’t mind just thought I’d be nice!

    • heatro Says:

      I would love to! Thanks for offering! What is your e-mail and we can exchange our information that way. And I feel for you as far as not having anything to do. That’s the worst.. laying there wanting to do something and you just can’t.

      I have you on my “readomattic” feed thingy, but I just went to your blog and saw that you wrote something new and I was never notified. Maybe I messed something up.. hmm. I wonder why? I will have to fix it.

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