what is waiting for me in 2010

On New Years Eve, I went to Brit’s Pub with Dan.  We met Charlie and Glenn and Jason there, and a few other people joined us as well.  There was a live band playing The Beatles and Sting, but we left at about 10:30pm because the band wasn’t very good and there were two drunk girls knocking over beers and talking/screeching like they came straight out of Alvin and the Chipmunks. 

We moved on to Keirans Irish Pub where the Tim Malloys were playing.  They were GREAT!  They got the crowd involved, they had a lot of talent, and they were just a lot of fun to watch.  We got seats near the stage and I sat at a table with a woman that had a huge issue with a large group of lesbians that were also in the pub.  They were constantly fondling the one guy that was in their group while they were making out with each other.  PDA to the extreme. 

The countdown hit zero, we all toasted and drank champagne, and I got a great big kiss from Dan.  The first words I heard in the year 2010?  “Happy New Year, baby.  This is the year that we get engaged.”

I guess I had better start saving for a wedding.


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5 Comments on “what is waiting for me in 2010”

  1. Don Keylips Says:


  2. Omar Says:

    Forrealz! 😉

  3. shawncita Says:


  4. aneartrumpet Says:

    thanks for your comment! Those chests are amazing they were used during the war usually and have the names of soldiers on them. Big congratulations to you, I got engaged last year it was a total shock, but it’s ace, super ace. Yay!

  5. Spanks Says:

    holy crap. YAY

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