snowboarding 101

Thanks to my monthly resolutions, I was motivated to get started learning how to snowboard.  We went today and Charlie met me and Dan at a place called Hyland Hills, which is only about 14 miles away from where we live. 

My very first time snowboarding  was about two years ago, and I fell constantly.  My body was sore for days, and it hurt to stand, sit, lay down, and just.. generally.. move.  Today, on my second attempt at snowboarding, I actually noticed a massive improvement!  I still fell a lot, and my falls were probably just as bad, but I was able to go down the entire hill on my heels very easily.  My falling occured as I tried to advance in my skills (ie attempting to do anything on my toes or go down the hill sideways like a normal snowboarder).

Below are a few of my pictures from the day:




In my opinion, this snowboarding lesson counts as a workout as well.  Despite the high being 13 degrees, I was sweating like crazy.  Additionally, my body is really sore and I honestly don’t think I will be able to make it to the gym and complete a workout without crying for at least a few days.  Every time I fell, I fell hard.

Snowboarding and skiing are expensive hobbies, and because I don’t own any equipment, I have to rent.  Our rentals cost about $25.  The lift tickets were $27.  In order to learn how to snowboard, I might have to say goodbye to meeting the financial goals I had called out on my monthly resolutions list.  However, I do think it is too early to throw in the towel, so we will see where the month takes me.

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