3 pictures worth 474 words

I was looking at flickr’s “Your Best Shot 2009: Rain” and was inspired.  After reading the descriptions with each photo, I found out that most of them happen almost by chance.  The photographer sees something beautiful and rush to take out their camera in time to take a beautiful shot.  They see an opportunity present itself and do their best to seize it because it will be gone in a second.  It’s almost like a metaphor about life, right?

I added my favorite of the photos here on my blog for your enjoyment. 

I love photography, and would love to take it up as my hobby.  I’m not sure how an amateur like me would go about doing this on a budget.  Lately I have fallen into the habit of buying whatever I want when I want it, and this is not the best way to save money or keep myself from building up my collection of stuff that I don’t use.  I guess the best way to satisfy this need of mine to take photographs is just use the camera that I have, but I get upset because I can never take photos of this caliber and so, naturally, I blame it on the equipment rather than the user.  Or I will take a great picture, but the lighting will be funny or it won’t catch the amount of detail that I wish it would.   

At this time, photography will come after caligraphy on my list of things to learn.  I have wanted to learn caligraphy for years, and there are community classes starting in February that I can take part of for relatively cheap. 

I am mostly excited that I have interests now that I am out of school.  I was worried that I wouldn’t have any way to fill my extra time, but it seems that my interests are running their natural course and increasing now that I don’t really have anything else to do.  In addition to caligraphy and photography, I also signed up for Big Brothers Big Sisters and I hope to be hearing from them soon.  That is something else I have wanted to take part in for a very long time.

My biggest problem in finding my ideal career is that I am interested in the fine arts while I have an engineering degree.  Technology is where my education is specialized, but I enjoy writing, photography, and caligraphy.  I would love nothing more than to work in a place that allows me use the logical skills that I have developed through engineering towards something artsy.  And while I am sure that career is right in front of my nose, I have yet to see it. 

Maybe I just have to find out a little bit more about myself before my once in a lifetime opportunity presents itself.

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2 Comments on “3 pictures worth 474 words”

  1. talikatzman Says:

    Pretty photos.I an also intrested in severel paths which I would like to take as a career that will combine the practicle with the artsy.I have found it,animation,but I am still young,(17) and change my mind all the time.I hope you will find a proffesion that suits you 🙂

    care to see my blog?

  2. Spanks Says:

    if your camera has customizable settings for f-stop,aperture, stuff like that, then you will see a huge improvement in your pics very quickly.

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