my 40 hour a week home

In case you were wondering what I look at while I’m at work (and I know you were!), I took a picture of it today! 

The plant to the left of my computer was purchased over a month ago, and I forgot to water it at home for about 3 weeks.  Last weekend I painted the pot and finally got around to bringing it in, but it is in rough shape.  It definitely has a few crunchy, brown leaves on it and I am sure that it doesn’t help that my office does not have any windows to the outside.  The styrofoam cup next to the plant is for watering it.

The painting on the right is something that Dan made for me several months ago.  I have struggled to figure out where to put it, and bringing it to work with me was the perfect solution.  As you can see, there is a lot of white in this room and this little bit of color that I brought in here really livens it up.  I work in an office with 20 other men and they have been teasing me a little about my “art corner”, but I am really proud of it.  I love bright, borderline offensive colors.

There is a small stand on my desktop for my phone and you can see the headphones laying to the left of the keyboard.  I listen to music all day on my phone or watch movies or the season 1 of Glee if the mood strikes.  The black thing opposite the stand is a Sephora mirror.  The women’s bathrooms here are few and far between, so I just keep a mirror there in case I need to check up on my makeup or if I get something on my face.

The packets between my plant and computer are hot chocolate packets.  I do not like coffee (unless it is in mocha or latte form), so I do not participate in the office coffee politics.  The coffee cup between the painting and my computer is for drinking my hot chocolate (and I also have some disposable starbucks cups out of view of this photo). 

You will also notice the lack of a cubicle environment.  I love the fact that this is just an empty room with tables.  I would be concerned with lack of privacy if I were seated in the middle of the room, but I am lucky in that my back faces the wall.  Erick sits to the left of me while Pedro sits on my right. 

I apologize for this unexciting post, but writing every day is getting to be kind of a hassle.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing–my problem is thinking up stuff to say.  I am only a woman of so many words.  But at least you learned a little about me today in a round-about kind of way.

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One Comment on “my 40 hour a week home”

  1. Don Keylips Says:

    I choose to read your last paragraph as…

    “I apologize…. my problem is… I am only a woman…”

    Your desk actually looks quite pleasant. Next time you are in Columbus you can Feng Shui mine up a bit, too.

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