How You Can Help Haiti

Given yesterday’s tragic earthquake in Haiti, I am posting links to alternate websites and blogs if you are interested in donation.

The American Red Cross:
Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund:
Save the Children:
Direct Relief International:
Mercy Corps: also lists many more charitable organizations in their article Haiti Earthquake: How to Help

You are also able to contribute via text.  Text “HAITI” to “90999” and a donation of $10 will be made to the Red Cross to help with relief efforts.  The $10 will be charged to your cell phone bill.

It is believed that about 3 million people were affected by the quake and the Haitian Prime Minister estimated that several hundred thousand people may have died.

Haiti is one of the poorest contries in the world and could use all of the support it can get at this time.

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3 Comments on “How You Can Help Haiti”

  1. mzmommy Says:

    I don’t know if you saw but I posted a comment after yours about walmart and H&M on my blog..I know this has nothing to do with the terrible quake in Haiti.. theres still a ton of people trapped.. trying to get them out.. reminds me of (different situation but same thing about ppl being trapped) in the twin towers. I reallyy hope everyone thats in there alive comes out safely!

    Ohh and I sent your post card. I honestly don’t remember what day it was though.. but its on its way! (:

    • Heather Says:

      Yup! I saw it and just responded!

      I still have to go get yours. I’ve been super busy this week and won’t get the chance to get one tonight either 😦 Good thing I am going to the airport tomorrow so I can grab one!

      And I’ve been reading some really heartbreaking stories about what’s going on over there. I registered to go over and volunteer if they need me. I’m not sure that they will bring me over since I have little to no experience in this whole volunteering thing, but I hope that they do.. and if not, I hope that means that they’re getting all of the help they need over there.

  2. mzmommy Says:

    Thats awesome! I would do that if I could.. I can’t leave B here though.. My fam loves him but they’re not at all kid people.. soo if you have one they’ll play with him for a bit then hes your responsibility. heh..

    Don’t worry about the post card and sending it right away.. I still haven’t decided when we’re leaving. I guess we could go now its just hard since I can’t lift him.. How about I’ll give you my new address a little before we head down there & you can send it then!

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