Sleeping in an Airport Sucks (but at least my hair looks good)

The night before my drunken state, I found myself sleeping in the Atlanta airport.  And by sleeping, I mean laying awake on uncomfortable benches while the night staff ran vacuums and yelled at each other the entire time. 

My flight benefits at work allow me to fly for free on domestic flights.  I don’t have to pay, but paying passengers take precedence over me.  If the flight is full I don’t get on it, so I have to be  very careful when booking my flights.  Fortunately the website that I use to book these flights allows me to see all of the flights headed to my destination of choice on a given day, how many standby passengers there are on the “wait list”, and how many open seats there are on the plane.  I need to consider all of those things before I decide I want to try my luck at getting on the plane.  For instance, if there are 14 open seats on a plane but 20 people are on the waiting list, I probably won’t get on it.  However, if there are 40 open seats on a plane and only 20 people on standby, my chances are pretty good and I don’t have much to worry about.

Well folks, that “40 open seats and only 20 people on standby” was the scenario I faced when I left Minneapolis Friday night.  My flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta was pretty full, but I had no problem getting on the plane.  My flight from Atlanta to Gulfport should have had a plane that was half empty, but not so.  20 people came out of nowhere and I was, how you say, screwed.  I was totally taken by surprise, too!  I sat patiently while people were boarded onto the plane because standby passengers had not been cleared yet and I thought I would have no problems.  Next thing I know, the gate agent is saying the words “full boat” and the door is shut. 

“Is the plane full?”
“Yes… that’s why I closed the door.  Flying nonrev?”
“Yeah.. unfortunately..”
“Sucks to be you.”

The whole reason for my trip was to see my parents.  I wanted to fly in Friday night and leave Saturday morning.  Because I had signed up to get onto the last flight to Gulfport on Friday night, the next flight was on Saturday morning.  There were a lot of people that missed out on the Friday night flight to Gulfport, so everyone was shifted to the one on Monday morning.  My chances of getting on that flight were nonexistent, so I went home on Saturday morning instead.  I took the 7:40am flight back to Minneapolis.

I did make it back in time for my hair appointment though, so I am pretty pleased about that.  I am about 98% sure that my stylist’s name is Styles as well.  He gave me a few vouchers to hand out to people, so if anybody is looking for a good stylist in the Twin Cities I can give you a coupon for 20% off.  I highly recommend him, especially if you have curly hair (although he does straight hair too).  He was very impressed with the way that I style my hair, and to be honest that made my whole week.  Funny how hair has such an effect on people. 

Anyway, wasting two of my flight days for a lonely slumber party in the Atlanta airport really sucked.  And that’s all I have to say about that.

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One Comment on “Sleeping in an Airport Sucks (but at least my hair looks good)”

  1. shawncita Says:

    Boo! Atlanta airport, boo!

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