10 Years of Wisdom Packed Into 22 Bulletpoints

10 years ago I was 12 years old.
10 years ago I was in 7th grade.
10 years ago I didn’t shower regularly.
10 years ago I probably didn’t wear deodrant (it was middle school — what do you want from me?).
10 years ago I would get in trouble by my mom for always leaving my hair down because it was a mess.
10 years ago I lived with my parents.
10 years ago I was very, very quiet.
10 years ago I began my very first blog on OpenDiary.

Today, if I were able to talk to myself 10 years ago, I would give the following advice.

  1. Would it kill you to shower and brush your teeth everyday?
  2. Keep the blog, even after you no longer write in it.  If you delete it, you will be kicking yourself over it.
  3. The curly girl method hasn’t been invented yet, and I don’t really have time to explain it to you right now.  Just know that one day there will be a cure for your frizzy hair.  Until then, hold tight.
  5. You have no reason to be self conscious, so try to work on it.  At 22 you are still very sensitive to what other people think, so maybe if we start working on it while you are 12 you will be in a better position later in life.
  6. Try running the hurdles.  You are actually very good.  Don’t be afraid and wait until your senior year when it’s too late.
  7. It’s okay to cry over guys, and go ahead and date the ones that you like.  Don’t be devastated when they don’t work out because without failed relationships you can’t appreciate the great ones.  Be patient.
  8. Give Lucky a hug.  He’s a good dog and he won’t be around forever.
  9. Give Lucy a hug.  She’s a good cat and she might [be around forever].
  10. You will never date a Backstreet Boy, so quit dreaming.
  11. You are a very good writer for a 12 year old, and you should work at it every time you have the opportunity.  You might turn it into something.  We ended up going the engineering route, but that doesn’t mean that the itch to write isn’t still there.
  12. You’re smart and you will get good grades without really trying.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try anyway.
  13. Eventually you and Bim will get along.  She’s a great sister no matter what you might think now.
  14. Dave is a good guy.  Give him a break as your step father once in awhile.
  15. Your mother also has good intentions and as soon as you hit college she will be a lot more forgiving.  Until then, grit your teeth and bear it. 
  16. Don’t worry — the world will not end in the year 2000.
  17. Do not spend all of your savings money on Christmas presents for your friends like an idiot.
  18. Middle school and high school go faster than you think, so don’t take any of it for granted.
  19. Every time you make an ass of yourself, shake it off.  Nobody will remember any of it for very long.  Not even you.
  20. The best friends you have now won’t necessarily be your best friends next year, in three years, in five years, or in ten years.  That’s okay.
  21. Don’t watch Napoleon Dynamite when it comes out.  Seriously.  Waste of time.
  22. You’re a great person with a great heart and do not allow anybody to tell you differently.
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