A Modern Day Treasure Hunt

Every year, the Pioneer Press has an event in Saint Paul.  It is called The Saint Paul Winter Carnival Treasure Hunt, and people here take it very seriously. 

I didn’t learn about this event until last night, but ever since I have been obsessed.  A medallion is hidden somewhere in Ramsey County, and every day the Pioneer Press releases a clue to find it.  Clue number eight will be released tonight at midnight, and by about the 12th clue the newspaper basically tells you where it is.  The winner recieves $10,000.00!!!!!!! 

Personally, I could think of about.. 5 ways to spend that money.  I could go on a cruise, pay off my credit cards and some loans, buy a whole new wardrobe, buy some friends, or move to a sweet apartment.  I actually had to think really hard to figure out the last two things I would do with it, so maybe spending $10,000 wouldn’t be as easy as I thought.  Dan says we should just go to the casino and put it on black.  If it wasn’t predetermined by the Gods that I am bound to lose at every chance game I come across, I would be up for the casino.

Anyway, these clues aren’t messing around.  Since Dan and I have only been here about 4 months, we are at a distinct disadvantage. 

Clue No. 1
All hail, O Fire King, of thee we sing
Thy blast of winter heat scorches
When ice was like concrete it would’ve been so sweet
If the Vulcans plowed with their torches

Emerge from the den as we once again
Offer a bodacious bounty
And this tip to the frozen: bring thick lederhosen
To public land in Ramsey County

Clue No. 2
Kissed by a vulcan, she left him sulkin’
“Sir Soot, I’ll not forgive these sins!”
Her airs Elizabethan, her language bleepin’ heathen,
Our mother once blessed us with twins.

Clue No. 3
Look high, look low, wherever you go
Follow a picturesque route
There are ways to travel away from the gravel
That keep you in hot pursuit.

Clue No. 4
Code by Morse should set your course
To long dashes that dot the landscape
You or your avatar should park your car
On your way to this great escape 

Clue No. 5
Take a westerly tack up from the stack,
A landmark most uncouth.
Figures grand in scale point to a trail
Of footprints left by our sleuth.

Clue No. 6
You’ll want to go shopping where things are hopping
And storeowners once dropped anchor
Go down the main drag but be sure not to lag
You’ll have plenty for which to thank her

Clue No. 7
Escape your troubles where the water bubbles
Or gurgles like a stream
You may be chargin’ right up to the margin
Look for a productive seam


So a lot of the ideas that we have come up with regarding where it is start with a simple, “WTF does that mean” phrase followed by a lot of “uhhh…”.  We have ideas regarding where this thing could be hidden, but our scope is very limited because we are not familiar with a majority of the parks in the area.  Today we actually stopped by a park that may have this medallion hidden in it, and there were several people already there decked out in snowpants and hats with their shovels in hand.  Dan and I brought Prandtl (who turned out to be useless).

Previous hiding spots for this medallion have been under piles of snow, magnetized under mailboxes, stuffed in tobacco bags, or hidden in oreo cookies.  Rediculous?  Yes.  Pretty much the coolest thing I have ever gotten to take part of in my life?  YES!

So if anyone has any ideas of where this thing could be, let me know and I’ll consider it.  We could use all of the help we can get.  Seriously.

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