7 More Posts until I Don’t Have to Write Every Day!

This is my 24th post for NaBloPoMo, and I must say that I am incredibly proud of myself.  I made this commitment with the intention to do the best I could, but admittedly I had expected life to get in the way of my plans (as it always seems to do).  In hindsight, I guess that whole “failed trip to Mississippi” fiasco could have easily deterred me from goal, but I rolled with it.  I wasn’t that impressed with myself for figuring out a way to write at the time, but now that I think about it… it took some dedication to write a post on an airplane when crammed between two people.  Go me!

I wrote a cover letter last night, and even though I still struggled a little with the verbage throughout it (it’s always tough to pick out just the right word), I found it surprisingly easy to write.  So easy, in fact, I saved it and reviewed it again today because I didn’t trust what I had written.  I was happy with what I had come up with and so was Dan.  It wasn’t stiff or full of large words that I can barely define.  It was honest.  True, it was a cover letter and it was written for a hiring manager, but instead of writing what I thought they would like to see, I wrote what I had to say.  I am not sure that is status quo for cover letters, but it will certainly stick out.

Since starting NaBloPoMo, I have gained a lot of confidence in my writing ability.  I haven’t written in years, but I have always told myself that I would start when I had the time.  Well folks, I have had more than enough time over the years, but I was better at thinking up excuses than thinking up things to write.  I believe that if I didn’t sell my soul to NaBloPoMo for the month of January, this blog would be long gone by now.  Well, I suppose I shouldn’t say that.  Without NaBloPoMO and Don Keylips breathing down my neck on a daily basis, this blog would be long gone by now.

While I don’t believe that I will be participating in NaBloPoMo again (Don’t judge me — I’ve done my time!), I would certainly recommend that other people try it.  Forcing yourself outside of your comfort zone is the only real way to see what you are capable of.  I found that I am capable of sticking with something for longer than three days, and that means more to me than I can express in words.

7 days left!

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One Comment on “7 More Posts until I Don’t Have to Write Every Day!”

  1. Don Keylips Says:

    I feel so special! I was even in bold!

    What an honor. Thank you!

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