Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of time to write up a post tonight.  You see, I GOT TICKETS TO SEE THE RED WINGS TONIGHT!!!

Excuse me, sorry for yelling at you through my capital letters, but I am just so excited! 

I don’t watch sports on tv — it doesn’t hold my attention.  But it’s different when I’m there, listening to the crowd chanting, feeling the atmosphere created by the team and its fans, or listening to the drunk guy at the end of the aisle making an ass of himself.  You can’t really get that through a tv… yes, even if you have HD.  And hockey is by far my favorite.

So I got my Zetterberg jersey out of the closet, and I’m thrilled to wear it again.  I am in Minnesota though, so I don’t plan on wearing it to the bar before the game.  I actually said, “I am going to see the Red Wings tonight!” at work, and my coworkers corrected me.  They told me I am going to see The Wild, not the Red Wings and to remember where I am.  They’re right.  Oops.  My bad. 

The best part is I got great seats.  Row 9, right on the floor, baby.  OH YEAH!  I’ll be sitting next to the hockey crazies, which I don’t really know if I am looking forward to.  Hopefully I don’t get heckled too much.  I’m sensitive, you know.

Lets go Red Wings!

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