Marshmallow Art

Do you ever have one of those days where you just don’t want to get up?  One of those days when rolling out of bed seems like too much effort… but then you realize that if you want to “e-mail in sick”, you have to get out of bed to e-mail your boss to let him/her know you’re not coming… and by the time you use up enough brain power to turn on the computer, navigate to your e-mail, figure out what you’re going to say, and try to remember all relevant e-mail addresses, you’ll be too awake to fall asleep anyway… and so all you have left to say to yourself is, “Oh, hell… I might as well go”?

Believe it or not, today is one of those days for me.  I feel slow despite the coffee that I had this morning on my way to work.  I feel frumpy.  I feel like I wish I were still in bed.  And if inanimate objects had feelings, I would probably most compare myself with a marshmallow.  I took the time to draw these so you could further understand my feelings toward the day that is January 28th, 2010.


And while the game was fun last night, it left me in a sour mood today.  Perhaps it was the Red Wing loss.  It might have been the fact that I didn’t get an autograph.  Maybe it was the beer.  Or maybe it was some other variable that I am not taking into account here. 

Tonight I’m going to investigate a Primerica “business opportunity” despite the nagging feeling in the back of my brain (and all over the internet) that it is some kind of scam.  But even though I was considering blowing it off, I’m kind of happy to go now because it will give me some time away from work and away from Dan and away from Prandtl and away from Lucy and away from my apartment and away from everything and everyone I know.  I don’t really feel like dealing with any of it right now.  I wouldn’t really mind just hanging out in a cave for a couple of days.

I was reading today about the difference between introverts and extroverts.  Extroverts need people and thrive from social interaction and the energy of others.  Introverts are stereotypically shy, withdrawn people, but the article I was reading (which I lost, otherwise I would link it) said that’s not necessarily true.  Introverts can interact with people and can be quite good at it, but they need time alone to recharge.  Dealing with people too often makes them very tired and drains them, which I believe is very true in my case.  I love working with people and being around people, but I can’t deal with them all of the time.  I need to be alone.

Even if it’s only a half an hour in my car on my way to some stupid “business opportunity”.  Sigh.

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3 Comments on “Marshmallow Art”

  1. kseverny Says:

    lol. i get the same feeling sometimes

  2. Omar Says:

    You know I relate to this, when I drink I feel like doing anything and everything with everyone at that moment. The next day I want everyone to leave me alone, lol definitely an introvert

    Introverts FTW

  3. Don Keylips Says:

    First off, best sketch ever. I think it’s even refrigerator worthy.

    I think everyone has those days. Luckily I can take a day to recharge with little or no consequence. In fact, today I skipped class and came in to work at 12:45, and am leaving by 2…..

    Grad school has it’s perks. I’m sometimes glad I’m not part of the normal workforce.

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