January Resolutions – 3/7 is Pretty Bad

On December 31st, I declared my New Years Resolution:  Make monthly resolutions.

Today is the last day of January, and that means it’s time for me to reflect on the goals that I made for myself for the month

Goal One: Pay off $1000 on my credit card
Completed – I actually accomplished $1625!

Goal Two: Get at least $1000 in my savings account
Not completed – I’m about $40 short in my main savings account, but since Dan dropped his little “we’re getting engaged this year” bomb on me, I felt the need to start up a wedding savings account so that I can afford to get married whenever that may be.  If you add up both accounts, it’s over $1000.  Additionally, every Monday I automatically deposit money into my savings account, so if the last day of the month were tomorrow… this goal would have been accomplished.

Goal Three: Participate in at least 1 community service event
Completed – Earlier this month I attended a Big Brothers Big Sisters orientation and I also went though the interview process.  Unfortunately I probably won’t be getting a kid for awhile, but starting the process ate up a chunk of my time, so I think it counts.  I also spent a lot of time harassing my references to fill out their required forms. 

Goal Four: Exercise 3 times a week
Total fail – I suck at working out regularly.  I worked out three times in one week only once… and it has dropped down to once a week.  I’ll be lucky if I go at all this week. 

Goal Five: Post one entry a day for NaBloPoMo
Completed – As soon as I click “publish”, I did it! I DID IT!

Goal Six: Read 1 book
Not completed – I’ve been kind of busy studying for the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam.  I’m not too ashamed for not meeting this because I’ve been studying equations out of a book instead.  Honestly, if I can bend the rules, I would like to make this one count.  So… Kind of completed!

 Goal Seven: Learn to snowboard
Not completed – I went once.  Damnit.  In my defense, SNOWBOARDING IS SO EXPENSIVE!

So I finished 3 out of 7 resolutions.  That’s a failing grade!  Oh well, I’ve got 11 more months to try to get a 100%. 

And, as I said, after I click on “publish” these daily updates are no longer required.  I’d like to continue writing regularly because it forces me to drum up some creativity, but I will fortunately be able to avoid those awful, pointless posts that don’t really do anything more than fill up space.  I am sure all of you will be thankful for that too.

I hope January was good to everyone!

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6 Comments on “January Resolutions – 3/7 is Pretty Bad”

  1. Omar Says:

    Wow one post daily? That and paying off a credit card is quite an accomplishment even if you didn’t learn to snowboard.

    One of my resolutions was to finish two books, I only got through half of one. I did join a gym club and went 6 days last week! Other than my body aching completely when I move, I feel great!

    • Heather Says:

      Thank you! I am pretty proud of myself 🙂

      I always have so much trouble just sitting down, calming down, and reading… so even half a book is an accomplishment in my eyes. What book were you reading?

      And great job with working out so much! Very impressive!

  2. Don Keylips Says:

    Good work, Troutt.

    I hope you realize that you paid off your credit card as much as I make per month…..pre-tax, so go you.

    The savings account thing counts as completed too, as a wedding SAVINGS ACCOUNT is a savings account, giving you over $1000 in savings accounts.

    I also count your FE studying as reading a book……since it’s a big ass book. You can’t expect to finish “War and Peace” in a month, so why expect to finish the FE Study book in one?

    To my count, that’s about 5/7, not too shabby. I think that’s even a passing grade. Congrats!

    You also managed to keep me entertained for the better part of the month by reading your posts, so that has to count for something, too, right?

  3. shawncita Says:

    Woo! Congratulations on all your accomplishments for January! I agree with the other folks, that you kicked some serious tail with all your successes! Very well done!

  4. Spanks Says:

    i like the pointless posts 😦

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