February Resolutions

On December 31st, I declared my New Years Resolution:  Make monthly resolutions.

Since January is done and over with, it’s time that I make up my resolutions for the month of February!

  • Read at least 1 book
  • Work out at least 3 times a week – hopefully this will go better this month…
  • Pay off another $1000 on my credit card *sigh*
  • Put $1000 toward my student loans
  • Attend my calligraphy class each week – no skipping class!
  • Love Dan (he requested that one…)
  • Follow my dermatologist’s orders every day after my appointment on the 8th. In the past I have followed the doctor’s orders for about 4 days and then tapered off from there.
  • Do my laundry every week instead of waiting until I have nothing to wear

The payments are going to be tough, but hopefully I can commit myself.  Ideally, I will receive my tax refund before the end of the month so that I can use it to help me out a little.

Notice that snowboarding isn’t on the list this month.  I don’t want to commit myself to a huge number of things, so that will be my “side project”.

I’m ready for February!  Wish me luck!

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7 Comments on “February Resolutions”

  1. Spanks Says:

    So, do you only really need to do 375 this month, since you did so much extra in january?

  2. Spanks Says:

    it’s not cheating. you never said you can’t put money toward it earlier. It’s surpassing your goal :p

  3. Don Keylips Says:

    If you fail at a single goal I hope it’s the “Do my laundry every week instead of waiting until I have nothing to wear”

    Because when you fail at that one it makes for the start of a great porno.

    “I’m out of clean clothes! Whatever shall I wear?….”


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