Staying Alive Is Important

Right now I am stuck in that “post-graduation” but “pre-real job” limbo.  You know, the one where you’re no longer qualified to be on your parents’ health insurance, but you don’t have a job yet to provide you of your own.  That period of your life where, if you were to get some kind of life-threatening disease or in some terrifying accident, you’d basically be out of luck.  Where you’ve got so many student loans and credit card bills that hospital bills will pretty much destroy your life and make your current debt situation more hopeless than it appears to be right now.

I was on my parents insurance.  They had asked for proof that I was a student prior to my graduation date, so I just assumed I was a-okay. WRONG. I got the notice that I was booted off of the policy today. After I went to the doctor.  And after I dropped off my prescriptions at Walgreens to be filled.  And now said prescriptions are just sitting in Walgreens because they cost over $300 to break out of there.  $300 I’m not really in the mood to pay. $300 my non-existant insurance will not be… insurance-ing.

And so this evening and a little throughout the afternoon, I have been looking through websites trying to figure out what kind of stellar health coverage I can afford. Some health plans start around $80 a month.  Those deductibles are around $10000.  The ones that are around $100 to $120 a month have deductibles around $2000 – $3000.  They don’t really offer much as far as benefits, though.  It’s more, “Go to the doctor when you need to, but have fun paying all $3000 before we even think about kicking in to help you. Sucker”. 

I did just find a few with Medica that do offer what appear to be reasonable, and obviously the more I pay the more I get. I was actually looking to find their “accupuncture and massage” plan, but I can’t find it. I wonder how much that would run me, because I would be there every day.

Although I do have a job, health coverage is not offered, so I’m on my own until another job comes along.  And while I considered just going insurance-less, I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that. I appreciate going to the dermatoligist for skin problems and having the freedom to visit the dentist once in awhile for nice, clean teeth.  I don’t really want to let those things go.

Health insurance… a luxury that not everybody has.

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8 Comments on “Staying Alive Is Important”

  1. Don Keylips Says:

    Troutt, I hope you find insurance soon. If you don’t find some by September we’ll see about “domestic partner”izing you on my OSU Health Insurance Plan. Until then, don’t get sick.

    I also decided to look up my soon-to-be benefits and found that I get…

    90% coverage on most visits things, 100% for on-campus care
    90% coverage on abortions
    100% on Pap Smears, yet only 90% on Prostate Cancer Screenings
    70% coverage on alcohol/drug abuse outpatient care, yet only 60% on mental health outpatient care.

    Amongst 4 other pages of jargon. I wonder who makes those decisions regarding financial priority and coverage of expenses…

    • Heather Says:

      You’re right. I wonder the same thing. Maybe it has to do with the cost (at the present and into the future) of each thing?

      For instance, maybe they offer 90% on abortions because that means they won’t have to shell out for pregnancy costs later. Maybe only 60% for mental health outpatient care because paying more for it now won’t necessarily save them money down the line (like an abortion would).

      I have no idea. I just made that up on the spot… interesting though.

  2. Omar Says:

    Don’t get sick–not sure how to avoid that other than not leaving the house at all, and avoiding any contact with another human being. What if you sell a kidney?

    • Heather Says:

      Haha… I guess I could try to sell a kidney.

      The good part is I don’t get sick very often. Barely ever.

      The bad part is that when I do get sick, my whole world is rocked.

      Maybe I’ll just schedule to be sick closer to the end of the year so I don’t have to worry about it because hopefully I’ll have insurance by then. That’s how it works, right?

  3. You love in America, right? I feel so sorry for you Americans who are still without a free healthcare system.

  4. Rachel Says:

    Have you looked into Assurant Health?

    I had them for about 4 months before I got married and it only cost maybe $100/mo at the most. The only downfall was though, you had to wait x-amount of time (I think it was like 6 months) to go to the doctor before they’d cover it, just to make sure you weren’t going to go once and them drop them or whatever.

    • Heather Says:

      I guess that Assurant Health won’t be covering the meds I have at Walgreens right now, but I’m thinking I’ll have to bite the bullet on that one anyway.

      I’ll look into Assurant Health though. Thanks!

  5. mzmommy Says:

    Stay healthy girl! I know how you feel.. We just got our med. cards cancelled because the post office returned a piece of mail. Crazy stuff! :/

    By the way I got your post card today! Thats awesome. How do you like living in a big city? I don’t think I’d like it much just because I’m not the type of person that likes to get into traffic jams and have to wait 30 minutes to check out at the store every time I go. At least I had to at my dads by Cleveland and its super busy all the time!

    Talk to ya soon!

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