Did You Not Read The Memo?!

I got this memo today while at work.  Apparently it’s kind of a big deal.  It was on company letterhead and everything.

So make sure that all of your friends named “Don” or “Donald” know that they are among the coolest people on earth. Give them a high five, a fist bump, a butt slap, or whatever you crazy kids do these days.

They’ve earned it.

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5 Comments on “Did You Not Read The Memo?!”

  1. Don Keylips Says:

    It’s from “the Farm”! Farmington Hills, baby! Those were some good times!

  2. Omar Says:

    I wish something like that would happen at my job

  3. Anonapotymus Says:

    This post is riddled with errors. Dan is spelled with an ‘a’, not an ‘o’.

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