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Way Too Nerdy Thursdays :: A Weekly Theme Has Been Born

March 4, 2010

Engineers get a bad rap. We’re stereotyped as full out geeks: complete with taped glasses, poor fashion sense, pocket protectors, and nonexistant social skills. I little like my engineering friend Charlie:

(Just kidding. He dressed up like this for Halloween
At least I think he only dressed up like this for Halloween. )

And I wouldn’t really say that the stereotype is unfounded.  Just like all stereotypes, it doesn’t necessarily encompass the entire group and is the result of a few that give us a “bad” name.  But most of us are just like you non-engineery types. 

But yes, we do have our nerdy tendencies.  We have a tendency to over analyze things because… well… we can.  We can talk about the heat transfer properties of cast iron.  We can discuss the friction coefficient of tires.**  We are well versed in integration, differentiation, and laplace transforms.  And while “nerdy” can classify as anybody that knows way too much about any one thing (for instance, Tommy Lee probably knows an unreal amount of information about drums), we are the dreaded type of nerd because nobody cares about what we know.  Does anybody really want to know about the friction coefficient of tires?  NO!  THEY DON’T!  And if anybody were to accidentally overhear any of that conversation, they would probably say, “Wow, those engineers can tell a mean bedtime story.  This is so boring, I’m having a tough time keeping my eyes open… and it has only been about 15 seconds.”

But the thing is, I find those conversations to be hilarious.  And maybe it’s just me, but I get a huge kick out of how bullheaded engineers can be and how willing we are to argue details.  So yesterday, as I sat and did work while the men next to me discussed grilling and the physical properties of cast iron, the idea for “Way Too Nerdy Thursdays” came to me. 

Every Thursday (assuming I remember) I will share a funny conversation, random factoid you may or may not be interested in, or a fact about myself that could be considered “nerdy”.  The subject matter for these posts will come from conversations at work, with Dan, or just nerdy things that I have done in the past. 

And sure, I might be pushing forward the engineering “nerdiest people ever” stereotype.  And a lot of you probably won’t even think the stories that I’m going to share are interesting or funny.  Most likely, you’ll be sitting there scratching your head thinking to yourself… “Uhh… I don’t really get it…. was that a joke?”  But I will think they are interesting and funny, and I will be able to go through these stories at a not-to-distant point in the future and giggle like an idiot.  And to me, that’s the point of having a blog in the first place.  So I can reflect on it later.

And yes, “Way Too Nerdy Thursdays” can be renamed.  If you have recommendations, please feel free to let me know.

I don’t have time to write up a nerdy encounter this week, so until next Thursday, please enjoy reading (or re-reading) about The Monty Hall Problem.  It’s a pretty good post to get things started.


** Yes, those conversations really happened. 

Did You Not Read The Memo?!

March 1, 2010

I got this memo today while at work.  Apparently it’s kind of a big deal.  It was on company letterhead and everything.

So make sure that all of your friends named “Don” or “Donald” know that they are among the coolest people on earth. Give them a high five, a fist bump, a butt slap, or whatever you crazy kids do these days.

They’ve earned it.

Let’s Hear It For The FURMINATOR

February 28, 2010

I got home last night at about 5pm.  I thought about picking my dog up, but I decided I didn’t feel like it.  So I came home, said hi to Lucy (my cat), and slept until 7am this morning.  For those of you that lack basic math skills, that’s 14 hours of sleep. WHEW.

So I got up this morning, cleaned my apartment, and brushed Lucy.  Usually I use some really crappy brush that I probably got from the dollar store or something, and it doesn’t really do much.  It pulls out maybe 3 hairs, and then 15 seconds later she is wandering around shedding all over everything again.  Today I wisened up and decided to try out my dog’s furminator on her.  And for those of you with dogs that shed a lot but you haven’t heard of the furminator yet, you are missing out on the best invention EVER.  Seriously.

So I don’t know if these wonderful inventions from the heavens are made for cats, but this is what I got before Lucy started gnawing on my fingers, the brush, and my arms.


That is a lot of hair.  I even compacted it all in a dense hairball.  Gross.

And when I showed Lucy, of course she grabbed the whole thing between her front paws with a death grip and tried to eat the whole thing.  I actually gave her a little piece of it just to see if she really would follow through and eat the hair, and she did.  I should have known better. It’s like she’s upset that the hair is no longer on her and she needs to eat it so she can grow some more.  Because she needs it.  And I need more of it on my couch.

Practice Makes Perfect

February 24, 2010

I came into work this morning hoping I would get to scan some of the work I did in calligraphy class yesterday.  Unfortunately, the printing/copying/scanning machine is totally shot, so I took a picture of it with my phone instead.

You don’t really get as much detail through the picture as you would have if I had scanned it, but that’s okay.  You get the gist of it.

I’m pretty proud of myself – it’s not too bad for only using a pen and ink for a week.  I would have shown you what I was able to accomplish during the first class, but it was mostly just a sheet of paper that had ink smeared all over it.  My hand had a lot of ink on it, too.  Then I discovered that I should have an EXTRA sheet of paper to get rid of excess ink.  DUH. 

But if it makes you feel any better, “Max plays jazz sax” was the first real sentence I ever wrote.

My teacher thinks I’m pretty good (and my mom tells me I’m special), and what I really need to work on is consistency.  Once in awhile, my letters look pretty good.  Once in awhile, the spacing between letters and words is right.  Once in awhile, my letters have the correct slant to them.  Once in awhile I hold my pen at 45 degrees.  So I just need to correct that to become all of the time.  No biggie.

I also need more patience.  We draw the letters instead of write, so each letter is created very slooooowwwwwllyyyyyyyy.  By the last sentence, I was getting really agitated and trying to rush through it.  Maybe this calligraphy thing will help me out.

But for now – practice makes perfect!

Hawaii or Bust

February 8, 2010

Today, you have a tanner, happier, albiet slightly sunburned Heather writing up a post.  And even though my visit to Hawaii only spanned from 11pm on Friday to 5pm on Sunday, I wouldn’t have changed anything. 


And in the summer, my feet are typically the last part of me to tan.  I always end up with some stupid tan lines on them somewhere and they never get the same amount of sun as the rest of my body.  And, since I laid in the sun on the beach for no less than 2 hours making it a point to ensure that my feet did not miss a moment of the sun, my feet got a good tan (as well as the rest of me):

Since I wasn’t there very long, the point of my trip was to just lay on the beach, climb Diamond Head, and eat sushi.  Mission accomplished.

I wish I had more to say, but I really don’t.  I had a great time, I drank a few mai tai’s, and I relaxed.  There’s only so much you can do for two days, and my big plan was to just unwind. And, as you can see, I got some great pictures out of it.

Marshmallow Art

January 28, 2010

Do you ever have one of those days where you just don’t want to get up?  One of those days when rolling out of bed seems like too much effort… but then you realize that if you want to “e-mail in sick”, you have to get out of bed to e-mail your boss to let him/her know you’re not coming… and by the time you use up enough brain power to turn on the computer, navigate to your e-mail, figure out what you’re going to say, and try to remember all relevant e-mail addresses, you’ll be too awake to fall asleep anyway… and so all you have left to say to yourself is, “Oh, hell… I might as well go”?

Believe it or not, today is one of those days for me.  I feel slow despite the coffee that I had this morning on my way to work.  I feel frumpy.  I feel like I wish I were still in bed.  And if inanimate objects had feelings, I would probably most compare myself with a marshmallow.  I took the time to draw these so you could further understand my feelings toward the day that is January 28th, 2010.


And while the game was fun last night, it left me in a sour mood today.  Perhaps it was the Red Wing loss.  It might have been the fact that I didn’t get an autograph.  Maybe it was the beer.  Or maybe it was some other variable that I am not taking into account here. 

Tonight I’m going to investigate a Primerica “business opportunity” despite the nagging feeling in the back of my brain (and all over the internet) that it is some kind of scam.  But even though I was considering blowing it off, I’m kind of happy to go now because it will give me some time away from work and away from Dan and away from Prandtl and away from Lucy and away from my apartment and away from everything and everyone I know.  I don’t really feel like dealing with any of it right now.  I wouldn’t really mind just hanging out in a cave for a couple of days.

I was reading today about the difference between introverts and extroverts.  Extroverts need people and thrive from social interaction and the energy of others.  Introverts are stereotypically shy, withdrawn people, but the article I was reading (which I lost, otherwise I would link it) said that’s not necessarily true.  Introverts can interact with people and can be quite good at it, but they need time alone to recharge.  Dealing with people too often makes them very tired and drains them, which I believe is very true in my case.  I love working with people and being around people, but I can’t deal with them all of the time.  I need to be alone.

Even if it’s only a half an hour in my car on my way to some stupid “business opportunity”.  Sigh.

Facebook Fails

January 21, 2010

I love social networking. 

All of the below are courtesy of