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February Resolutions – 5/8 is Acceptable

February 28, 2010

PHEW! I almost forgot it was the end of the month!!

On December 31st, I declared my New Years Resolution:  Make monthly resolutions.

For the month of February, this is how I did —

  • Read at least 1 book: FAIL. I did not read a single page.


  • Work out at least 3 times a week – hopefully this will go better this month…: FAIL. I did not go once throughout the month of February.


  • Pay off another $1000 on my credit card *sigh*: TOTALLY PWNED. Thanks to that wonderful tax refund I got, I accomplished this and then some.


  • Put $1000 toward my student loans: SUCCESS! I just barely made it. Again, I’ve got to give props to the government for taking lots of my money and giving it all back to me.


  • Attend my calligraphy class each week – no skipping class!: DONE! I love that class 🙂


  • Love Dan (he requested that one…): ALWAYS & FOREVER


  • Follow my dermatologist’s orders every day after my appointment on the 8th. In the past I have followed the doctor’s orders for about 4 days and then tapered off from there: TRIED, BUT HAD TO GO A DIFFERENT ROUTE. My health insurance held me back from that one. I went to Ulta instead and grabbed Dermalogica, which I have been following consistently. Sure, it’s not the same, but it is as close as I could get without dropping $400+ (no joke) on medication.


  • Do my laundry every week instead of waiting until I have nothing to wear: I DID IT TWICE THIS MONTH. SO NO.


So for those of you keeping track, I succeeded at 5 out of 8. 

I still struggle to believe that I didn’t go ONCE thoughout January. I mean.. I can believe that I didn’t go since I was there every morning when I rolled out of bed late and got to work barely at 9am, but… ugh. Disappointing.

I guess I can pride myself in that I don’t just “kind of” fail. I fail big and go home. *HIGH FIVE*


Let’s Hear It For The FURMINATOR

February 28, 2010

I got home last night at about 5pm.  I thought about picking my dog up, but I decided I didn’t feel like it.  So I came home, said hi to Lucy (my cat), and slept until 7am this morning.  For those of you that lack basic math skills, that’s 14 hours of sleep. WHEW.

So I got up this morning, cleaned my apartment, and brushed Lucy.  Usually I use some really crappy brush that I probably got from the dollar store or something, and it doesn’t really do much.  It pulls out maybe 3 hairs, and then 15 seconds later she is wandering around shedding all over everything again.  Today I wisened up and decided to try out my dog’s furminator on her.  And for those of you with dogs that shed a lot but you haven’t heard of the furminator yet, you are missing out on the best invention EVER.  Seriously.

So I don’t know if these wonderful inventions from the heavens are made for cats, but this is what I got before Lucy started gnawing on my fingers, the brush, and my arms.


That is a lot of hair.  I even compacted it all in a dense hairball.  Gross.

And when I showed Lucy, of course she grabbed the whole thing between her front paws with a death grip and tried to eat the whole thing.  I actually gave her a little piece of it just to see if she really would follow through and eat the hair, and she did.  I should have known better. It’s like she’s upset that the hair is no longer on her and she needs to eat it so she can grow some more.  Because she needs it.  And I need more of it on my couch.

Valentine’s Day Is Overrated

February 14, 2010

In my eyes, Valentine’s Day is overrated.

And it’s not that I don’t appreciate flowers, chocolates, or affection — I am a woman, afterall.  And it’s not that I am one of those people that whines about it with the standard “Why do you need a special day to love your partner” argument.  I personally think it’s great that one day a year we celebrate the fact that people are in love.  But I’m just not that into it.

When it’s my first Valentine’s Day with someone new, I am thrilled.  I go all out with special gifts and plans and fancy dinners.  But since Dan and I have been together for almost two years and have been living together for almost a year, there’s nothing that exciting about spending the evening going to the movies and dinner.  I mean, we do it all of the time!  And while it’s nice to get flowers, they’re kind of the go-to gift for every other holiday and birthday.  Plus, why should I get excited to spend my February 14th evening crammed into a movie theatre with a bunch of tweens and teenagers trying to say “smart” things to impress one another.  And going out to eat isn’t really anything special any more since we do it all of the time (although we did go out for sushi tonight… yum!)

I know I sound like a bitter old woman right now.  I have been dating Dan for less than two years and already I’m losing interest in major lovey-dovey holidays. 

Anyway, I gave Dan an electric shaver for Valentine’s Day.  He loves it.  We are nothing if not practical.

my animals are too furry

January 10, 2010

After a trip to Minnehaha Falls and after a short grocery shopping trip, I decided to do some cleaning around the apartment today.  Living in a 700 square foot studio means that even the smallest mess can make it look like this whole place has been trashed.  And so I got out the vacuum, turned it on, and started to move it around in order to pick up the salt, dirt, and pet hair that was on the floor of the apartment.

The vacuum looked like it was picking up dirt.  It also sounded like it was picking up the dirt.  The problem?  It wasn’t picking up the dirt.  Usually there is a tiny cyclone that forms inside of the vacuum, but the hair in the vacuum just sat there.  Nothing was going in.  It was time to investigate the situation.

Turns out, the hose was clogged with a huge mass of dog and cat hair.  I probably could have taken a photo of the disgusting pile of hair and dust that came out of there, but I thought it was appalling and didn’t really want to remember.  If we were to bunch it all together into a dense glob, it would probably be about the size of a cantaloupe.  A disgusting, hairy, dusty cantaloupe.  And Prandtl laid next to me, tail wagging and tongue hanging out, looking like she was proud of the havoc she had caused.

Cleaning out the vacuum was disgusting and not the way I wanted to spend part of my Sunday evening, and even though she sat there staring at me in a way that could have been construed as mocking, I was happy to have her.  She may be clingy, high maintenance, annoying, and clog my vacuum, but she’s not afraid to be herself, and I kind of respect that.  And I know it’s silly to say “I really respect my dog for _____”, but I do.  She’s not afraid to be herself.  Every time anyone has ever yelled at me for shedding (I have very thick hair and tend to leave it everywhere), I have been slightly embarrassed.  What does Prandtl do?  Just watch me clean it up.

I am always in awe of dogs because people love them for the way they are and dogs don’t have to pretend to be something that they’re not.  Everyday we work to impress the people around us through our appearance, actions, and way of speaking.  We work to impress people that we don’t know and are polite to people that we don’t even like.  When my dog doesn’t like someone, she barks and growls.  She prances in peoples’ way when we’re taking a walk because she wants to look at them.  If someone wants to pet her and she’s not really into it, she runs away and barks at them under her breath from a distance.  She’s a little bitch to everyone, but everyone still wants to love on her.  Nobody cares because, after all, she is just a dog.

But I suppose she’s also so lovable because she’s so cute.  It’s hard to say “stay away from me” to such a pretty face.  And I hate to admit it, but I love that she will do anything she can to be as close to me as possible at all times .

what is waiting for me in 2010

January 2, 2010

On New Years Eve, I went to Brit’s Pub with Dan.  We met Charlie and Glenn and Jason there, and a few other people joined us as well.  There was a live band playing The Beatles and Sting, but we left at about 10:30pm because the band wasn’t very good and there were two drunk girls knocking over beers and talking/screeching like they came straight out of Alvin and the Chipmunks. 

We moved on to Keirans Irish Pub where the Tim Malloys were playing.  They were GREAT!  They got the crowd involved, they had a lot of talent, and they were just a lot of fun to watch.  We got seats near the stage and I sat at a table with a woman that had a huge issue with a large group of lesbians that were also in the pub.  They were constantly fondling the one guy that was in their group while they were making out with each other.  PDA to the extreme. 

The countdown hit zero, we all toasted and drank champagne, and I got a great big kiss from Dan.  The first words I heard in the year 2010?  “Happy New Year, baby.  This is the year that we get engaged.”

I guess I had better start saving for a wedding.