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Way Too Nerdy Thursdays :: A Weekly Theme Has Been Born

March 4, 2010

Engineers get a bad rap. We’re stereotyped as full out geeks: complete with taped glasses, poor fashion sense, pocket protectors, and nonexistant social skills. I little like my engineering friend Charlie:

(Just kidding. He dressed up like this for Halloween
At least I think he only dressed up like this for Halloween. )

And I wouldn’t really say that the stereotype is unfounded.  Just like all stereotypes, it doesn’t necessarily encompass the entire group and is the result of a few that give us a “bad” name.  But most of us are just like you non-engineery types. 

But yes, we do have our nerdy tendencies.  We have a tendency to over analyze things because… well… we can.  We can talk about the heat transfer properties of cast iron.  We can discuss the friction coefficient of tires.**  We are well versed in integration, differentiation, and laplace transforms.  And while “nerdy” can classify as anybody that knows way too much about any one thing (for instance, Tommy Lee probably knows an unreal amount of information about drums), we are the dreaded type of nerd because nobody cares about what we know.  Does anybody really want to know about the friction coefficient of tires?  NO!  THEY DON’T!  And if anybody were to accidentally overhear any of that conversation, they would probably say, “Wow, those engineers can tell a mean bedtime story.  This is so boring, I’m having a tough time keeping my eyes open… and it has only been about 15 seconds.”

But the thing is, I find those conversations to be hilarious.  And maybe it’s just me, but I get a huge kick out of how bullheaded engineers can be and how willing we are to argue details.  So yesterday, as I sat and did work while the men next to me discussed grilling and the physical properties of cast iron, the idea for “Way Too Nerdy Thursdays” came to me. 

Every Thursday (assuming I remember) I will share a funny conversation, random factoid you may or may not be interested in, or a fact about myself that could be considered “nerdy”.  The subject matter for these posts will come from conversations at work, with Dan, or just nerdy things that I have done in the past. 

And sure, I might be pushing forward the engineering “nerdiest people ever” stereotype.  And a lot of you probably won’t even think the stories that I’m going to share are interesting or funny.  Most likely, you’ll be sitting there scratching your head thinking to yourself… “Uhh… I don’t really get it…. was that a joke?”  But I will think they are interesting and funny, and I will be able to go through these stories at a not-to-distant point in the future and giggle like an idiot.  And to me, that’s the point of having a blog in the first place.  So I can reflect on it later.

And yes, “Way Too Nerdy Thursdays” can be renamed.  If you have recommendations, please feel free to let me know.

I don’t have time to write up a nerdy encounter this week, so until next Thursday, please enjoy reading (or re-reading) about The Monty Hall Problem.  It’s a pretty good post to get things started.


** Yes, those conversations really happened. 

Did You Not Read The Memo?!

March 1, 2010

I got this memo today while at work.  Apparently it’s kind of a big deal.  It was on company letterhead and everything.

So make sure that all of your friends named “Don” or “Donald” know that they are among the coolest people on earth. Give them a high five, a fist bump, a butt slap, or whatever you crazy kids do these days.

They’ve earned it.

Hawaii or Bust

February 8, 2010

Today, you have a tanner, happier, albiet slightly sunburned Heather writing up a post.  And even though my visit to Hawaii only spanned from 11pm on Friday to 5pm on Sunday, I wouldn’t have changed anything. 


And in the summer, my feet are typically the last part of me to tan.  I always end up with some stupid tan lines on them somewhere and they never get the same amount of sun as the rest of my body.  And, since I laid in the sun on the beach for no less than 2 hours making it a point to ensure that my feet did not miss a moment of the sun, my feet got a good tan (as well as the rest of me):

Since I wasn’t there very long, the point of my trip was to just lay on the beach, climb Diamond Head, and eat sushi.  Mission accomplished.

I wish I had more to say, but I really don’t.  I had a great time, I drank a few mai tai’s, and I relaxed.  There’s only so much you can do for two days, and my big plan was to just unwind. And, as you can see, I got some great pictures out of it.

Latawnya, the Naughty Horse, Learns to Say “No” to Drugs

January 12, 2010

I came across a review of Latawnya, the Naughty Horse, Learns to Say “No” to Drugs while I was looking at Awful Library Books


 This book is hilarious!  I admit that I have been giggling (yes, giggling) about it all day.  Horses doing drugs?  Don’t you need… you know… hands?  How did they open the bottles?  And how did they light their smoking drugs?  And what do these smoking drugs consist of (cigarattes, marijuana, crack, etc)? And why would horses want to do drugs in the first place? 


my animals are too furry

January 10, 2010

After a trip to Minnehaha Falls and after a short grocery shopping trip, I decided to do some cleaning around the apartment today.  Living in a 700 square foot studio means that even the smallest mess can make it look like this whole place has been trashed.  And so I got out the vacuum, turned it on, and started to move it around in order to pick up the salt, dirt, and pet hair that was on the floor of the apartment.

The vacuum looked like it was picking up dirt.  It also sounded like it was picking up the dirt.  The problem?  It wasn’t picking up the dirt.  Usually there is a tiny cyclone that forms inside of the vacuum, but the hair in the vacuum just sat there.  Nothing was going in.  It was time to investigate the situation.

Turns out, the hose was clogged with a huge mass of dog and cat hair.  I probably could have taken a photo of the disgusting pile of hair and dust that came out of there, but I thought it was appalling and didn’t really want to remember.  If we were to bunch it all together into a dense glob, it would probably be about the size of a cantaloupe.  A disgusting, hairy, dusty cantaloupe.  And Prandtl laid next to me, tail wagging and tongue hanging out, looking like she was proud of the havoc she had caused.

Cleaning out the vacuum was disgusting and not the way I wanted to spend part of my Sunday evening, and even though she sat there staring at me in a way that could have been construed as mocking, I was happy to have her.  She may be clingy, high maintenance, annoying, and clog my vacuum, but she’s not afraid to be herself, and I kind of respect that.  And I know it’s silly to say “I really respect my dog for _____”, but I do.  She’s not afraid to be herself.  Every time anyone has ever yelled at me for shedding (I have very thick hair and tend to leave it everywhere), I have been slightly embarrassed.  What does Prandtl do?  Just watch me clean it up.

I am always in awe of dogs because people love them for the way they are and dogs don’t have to pretend to be something that they’re not.  Everyday we work to impress the people around us through our appearance, actions, and way of speaking.  We work to impress people that we don’t know and are polite to people that we don’t even like.  When my dog doesn’t like someone, she barks and growls.  She prances in peoples’ way when we’re taking a walk because she wants to look at them.  If someone wants to pet her and she’s not really into it, she runs away and barks at them under her breath from a distance.  She’s a little bitch to everyone, but everyone still wants to love on her.  Nobody cares because, after all, she is just a dog.

But I suppose she’s also so lovable because she’s so cute.  It’s hard to say “stay away from me” to such a pretty face.  And I hate to admit it, but I love that she will do anything she can to be as close to me as possible at all times .

3 pictures worth 474 words

January 4, 2010

I was looking at flickr’s “Your Best Shot 2009: Rain” and was inspired.  After reading the descriptions with each photo, I found out that most of them happen almost by chance.  The photographer sees something beautiful and rush to take out their camera in time to take a beautiful shot.  They see an opportunity present itself and do their best to seize it because it will be gone in a second.  It’s almost like a metaphor about life, right?


snowboarding 101

January 3, 2010

Thanks to my monthly resolutions, I was motivated to get started learning how to snowboard.  We went today and Charlie met me and Dan at a place called Hyland Hills, which is only about 14 miles away from where we live. 

My very first time snowboarding  was about two years ago, and I fell constantly.  My body was sore for days, and it hurt to stand, sit, lay down, and just.. generally.. move.  Today, on my second attempt at snowboarding, I actually noticed a massive improvement!  I still fell a lot, and my falls were probably just as bad, but I was able to go down the entire hill on my heels very easily.  My falling occured as I tried to advance in my skills (ie attempting to do anything on my toes or go down the hill sideways like a normal snowboarder).

Below are a few of my pictures from the day:




In my opinion, this snowboarding lesson counts as a workout as well.  Despite the high being 13 degrees, I was sweating like crazy.  Additionally, my body is really sore and I honestly don’t think I will be able to make it to the gym and complete a workout without crying for at least a few days.  Every time I fell, I fell hard.

Snowboarding and skiing are expensive hobbies, and because I don’t own any equipment, I have to rent.  Our rentals cost about $25.  The lift tickets were $27.  In order to learn how to snowboard, I might have to say goodbye to meeting the financial goals I had called out on my monthly resolutions list.  However, I do think it is too early to throw in the towel, so we will see where the month takes me.